The Dog Days of Winter

Well, 2016 is off to a spectacular start! The shop has been hoppin', fun new freelance projects have been rolling in, Ben is walking and talking (and more importantly sleeping) and we got a new puppy! Now I know what you are thinking - "are you crazy? You have a toddler!" But hear me out - we are and probably always will be a two pooch household.  Hence the name of my shop. The original "two pooches" can never be replaced but Lazlo Hollyfeld (named after the closet dweller in the 80's classic Real Genius) is a fun, crazy addition.  Adopted from the North East Ohio Lab Rescue, this 7 month old ball of energy is THE clumsiest dog I have ever had the pleasure of feeding my unmentionables to. He eats everything, gives Molly a run for her money and nestles his 76 pound body right into our laps every night.  We love him already.  He also inspired a new birthday card, available soon in the shop.